December 14, 2020

ELA Podcast: Cal-OSHA’s New COVID Regulations, Explained


On Dec. 14, 2020, Hirschfeld Kraemer’s Michelle Freeman was a guest on Employment Matters, the Employment Law Alliance (ELA) podcast.

In Episode #200, New Cal-OSHA Regulations and their Impact on Employers During COVID-19, Michelle discusses California’s new workplace rules about COVID, which went into effect in early December 2020. (Michelle has previously blogged on this subject.)

Employment Matters is ELA’s podcast series for HR executives and in-house counsel. It features conversations with labor and employment lawyers with global expertise on key employment law topics and trends, immigration news, and other important HR legal solutions for global and multi-national companies.

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For more information, please contact the Hirschfeld Kraemer lawyer who normally provides your legal counsel, or you can reach out to Michelle Freeman in the San Francisco office,, or (415) 835-9003.