We know all organizations are not the same.

We don’t take a “one size fits all” approach. We know that employment law advice concerning a reorganization, a workplace harassment allegation or a wrongful termination claim must be approached much differently in the construction and retail industries than in the technology sector or in a university setting. We believe the only way to properly serve any client is to learn about the issues unique to its business and industry, and to focus on proactive advice.

We’re ready to take your 3 a.m. call…

When representing clients, our goal is to be available and responsive at all times. We build great relationships with our clients; they know they can contact us whenever an issue arises and we’ll get back to them within the hour.

…deal with sticky situations

At the outset of any litigation, we work with our clients to define what success for a given matter might mean for them. We don’t drive the litigation; our clients’ desired outcome does.

…and ultimately help you avoid problems in the first place.

Employment and higher education law are both areas in which clients are rewarded for anticipating their needs and getting ahead of the curve in directing their objectives. In that regard, Hirschfeld Kraemer is second to none. No other firm puts as much energy and emphasis into the training of management and higher education professionals as we do.