February 15, 2013

President Renominates Two To The NLRB

As we previously posted, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit found that President Obama’s recess appointments of two union-friendly members to the National Labor Relations Board was unconstituional.  Although the Administration has expressed its disagreement with the decision, it nonetheless renominated those members — Sharon Block (a former aide to Sen. Ted Kennedy) and Richard Griffin (former General Counsel to a national union) —  to the Board.

In this polarized Congress, the nominations are not expected to go far.  The Republican minority in the Senate has indicated its willingness to stall any union-friendly Board nominations and to filibuster any nominations that somehow make their way to the floor.

Barring some compromise or a change in the Senate rules, you can expect more of the same from the Board in the President’s second term.



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