Lawyers are helpers. I take a hands-on approach. In order to be an effective helper, you have to get your hands dirty and truly understand the corporate culture of your clients. You can’t bark orders from an ivory tower.

Daniel H. Handman, a partner in the firm’s Los Angeles office, could spend hours talking about his impressive roster of litigation victories. These include successfully taking more than a dozen cases to trial, numerous favorable summary judgment rulings, and many arbitration successes. Dan’s areas of expertise include discrimination/harassment cases, wage & hour, and employee theft/trade secret litigation. His many clients range from Fortune 500 employers to sophisticated, complex companies with under 50 employees in the food and beverage, apparel, construction, and entertainment industries, among others.

The topic Dan would rather discuss, however, is his philosophy as a pragmatist: “My passion is finding solutions. Problems exist to be fixed. While sometimes problems are solved through litigation, most of the time, issues are resolved by being proactive and finding creative ways to help clients solve problems long before they rise to the level of litigation.”

Dan relishes taking a personal, laser-focused approach with his clients. “For example, some extroverts at parties will talk to 25 people in an hour. But I focus on fewer people and get to know them really well,” he says. Dan’s credo is to understand his clients’ corporate culture intrinsically and fundamentally, including spending time with clients on site, touring workplaces and educating himself about manufacturing and work processes and procedures: “You have to put yourself into the mindset of the people who work there in order to understand the client’s culture.”

In addition to litigation, Dan spends substantial time in the traditional labor law space, including union elections, unfair labor practices and collective bargaining. He also takes significant time advising and counseling clients, conducting investigations, and leading employee training.

Among Dan’s many pro bono representations is Los Angeles-based Beauty Bus Foundation, whose mission is to deliver at-home beauty and grooming services to chronically and terminally ill men, women, children, and their caregivers to preserve dignity and hope. “Even for a small organization, they have 30 times the number of volunteers as paid employees,” he says. “There are a tremendous number of employment law issues with volunteers, interns, paid employees, as well as liability issues.”

Dan is a prolific writer on developments in employment law. His articles have appeared in Bloomberg Law, The Daily Journal, and Law360. Dan established, and is the editor of, The California Workplace Advisor, Hirschfeld Kraemer’s noteworthy industry blog for California employers. He also is a busy lecturer, and gives numerous webinars and speeches, including at Professionals in Human Resources Association (PIHRA) and National Human Resources Association (NHRA) conferences and meetings.

An enthusiastic Los Angeles transplant from his native Southern New Jersey, Dan still follows his beloved Philadelphia sports teams. When he’s not working, Dan enjoys hiking and outdoor activities with his family. He and one of his two sons are amateur bird watchers.

2014 through 2020: Named by fellow members of the State Bar as a Southern California Super Lawyer in Labor & Employment; 2009 through 2012: named a Super Lawyer Rising Star

American Bar Association

Los Angeles County Bar Association

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Obtained summary judgment on behalf of Fortune 500 employer in disability discrimination case and also an order of sanctions against the plaintiff and his counsel for attorney’s fees and costs

Successfully enforced arbitration agreements in trial and appellate courts for several clients in employment discrimination cases

Tried cases involving allegations of wrongful termination, wage-hour violations, race, gender and disability discrimination to defense verdicts


J.D., The George Washington University Law School, 1997

B.A., Cornell University, 1994




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