September 10, 2021

Dan Handman Speaks to KTLA-TV About Federal Vaccine Mandate

Hirschfeld Kraemer’s Dan Handman was interviewed on KTLA-5 in Los Angeles with regard to President Biden’s September 9, 2021 announcement regarding sweeping new federal vaccine mandates.

President Biden’s 6-point plan includes an Executive Order requiring all federal workers, including federal contractors, to get vaccinated, with no option to test out. He also ordered the U.S. Department of Labor to require any company with over 100 employees to demand all their employees be fully vaccinated, or have weekly COVID testing.

As Dan Handman explained to KTLA, “You either get the vaccine and keep your job, or you don’t and you lose your job, unless you can fall into one of a couple very narrow exceptions.”

Handman continued, “There will probably be many court challenges all around the country. I would fully expect there will be differing results around the country, based on jurisdiction.”

Hirschfeld Kraemer continues to follow these developments.

You can view the full video here.