October 12, 2020

Kirstin Muller Quoted in Campus Legal Advisor on Telework Considerations

Hirschfeld Kraemer’s Kirstin Muller was quoted in the November 2020 edition of Campus Legal Advisor, a legal newsletter for higher education administrators, in an article entitled “Know how employment law considerations apply to work-from-home arrangements.” (subscription required; first article review free)

The article is a recap of a September 3, 2020 webinar co-presented by Kirstin Muller and other legal experts, entitled “Surviving the Back To School Frenzy: Employment Law Considerations When Employee’s Children Are In Virtual or Hybrid School.” This 1-hour webinar, produced by the Employment Law Alliance (ELA), is available on-demand by clicking here.

In the webinar and the article, Kirstin discussed a range of teleworking issues, suggesting that employers with remote-working employees should:

  • Review telework policies
  • Address remote worker productivity and performance issues with regular check-ins and clear communication regarding expectations
  • Ensure that remote-working parents who supervise home-schooled children are treated fairly
  • Establish a reimbursement process for employee work-from-home expenses in states that require reimbursement

Kirstin Muller is a partner in the Los Angeles office of Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP. She can be reached at kmuller@hkemploymentlaw.com, or (310) 255-1811.