October 28, 2019

Glen Kraemer to Address Public Agency Safety Management Assoc. on Workplace Violence

Glen Kraemer is slated to be the featured speaker at the Public Agency Safety Management Association (PASMA) South Chapter Bi-Monthly Meeting on December 12, 2019 in Los Angeles.

During Glen’s presentation, “Evolving Challenges and Opportunities for Workplace Violence Prevention,” participants will learn how to develop a workplace violence prevention team and plan. Glen will discuss employee relations law related to disability-induced misconduct, regulatory developments, warning signs and mitigation factors, internal investigation skills, and practical steps associated with workplace violence assessment and prevention. Participants will leave with an enhanced understanding of their roles and responsibilities as key members of an organizational threat management team.

For more information about PAMSA and to inquire about attending this meeting, click here.

Glen Kraemer is nationally recognized for his passionate delivery of “best practices” training programs. He serves as legal counsel to several Fortune 500 national threat management teams, and leads numerous violence prevention units for colleges and employers. Glen can be reached at (310) 255-1800, or gk@hkemploymentlaw.com