March 20, 2020

Derek Ishikawa Comments to Daily Journal on Gig Workers & the Pandemic

Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP’s Derek Ishikawa was quoted in a March 20, 2020 Daily Journal article entitled “As virus worsens, gig workers want AB 5 employee law enforced.”

The articles notes that the virus has severely impacted gig economy workers, who want state lawmakers to aggressively enforce A.B. 5 in order to help them deal with significant declines in demand, lost wages, and greater exposure to the virus.

But court closures, state officials working from home, and a growing number of people seeking government relief will all impact the state’s capacity to meet gig workers’ demands, Ishikawa said. “The plight of gig workers is unfortunately just a small fraction of the overall plight of laid off employees and underworked employees,” he added. “This is just not going to be at the top of [the government’s] priorities.”

Noting that gig workers are already pursuing enforcement of A.B. 5 through litigation, it would be hard for government officials to force companies to immediately classify workers as employees. “You can’t have your cake and eat it too,” Ishikawa said.

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Derek Ishikawa is an associate in the Santa Monica office of Hirschfeld Kraemer. He can be reached at, or (310) 835-1803.