June 7, 2021

Steve Hirschfeld Talks to CNN about Cal/OSHA Interim Mask Rules

On Saturday, June 4, 2021, CNN International “Newsroom” anchor Kim Brunhuber interviewed Steve Hirschfeld about Cal/OSHA’s latest interim rules regarding mask-wearing in the workplace.

Reflecting that Cal/OSHA’s mask rules appear to conflict with CDC guidelines, Steve noted the difficulties employers face in establishing safety rules, as cities begin to ease COVID restrictions.

Asked whether the new rules put employers in the position of being “mask police,” Steve said:

“This has been a constant source of irritation for employers for 18 months now. Instead of having the federal government have one set of guidelines, one set of rules, and with one consistent message, we’re getting inconsistent messages from Washington, and then 50 different rules by each state,” Steve commented. “It’s like a moving target trying to make this thing work.”

See part of the interview here.

CNN also posted a related article in which Steve was quoted: Californians can soon go maskless at work — if every worker in a room is fully vaccinated, safety board says

Steve Hirschfeld is the managing partner of Hirschfeld Kraemer’s San Francisco office. You can reach him at (415) 835-9011 or sh@hkemploymentlaw.com.