April 16, 2018

Steve Hirschfeld Quoted in Recorder Article on Gender Pay Gap Ruling


Steve Hirschfeld was quoted in an April 9, 2018 article in The Recorder regarding a recent ruling on salary history affecting the gender pay gap.

With regard to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal’s ruling on the issue of gender pay disparity, Steve noted that there is “a direct link now to the #MeToo movement. Pay equity is just one of several issues that deal with workplace respect, harassment and promotional opportunities. They are all interrelated. Employers need to think about what this ruling says, what the state laws are indicating and how this perpetuation of income inequality can be stopped.”

Steve said that he already advises clients to not ask about prior salary, and to go a step further and conduct pay equity audits. “The more you can do to get ahead, not necessarily just avoid lawsuits, but also to create a fair playing field in the workplace,” he said.

A link to the full Recorder article, Ninth Circuit Ruling on Salary History Fuels Renewed Focus on Gender Pay Gap, can be found here (subscription required).