March 27, 2018

Steve Hirschfeld Quoted in Bloomberg BNA Regarding Workplace Bullying


Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP Co-founder and Co-managing Partner Stephen J. Hirschfeld is quoted in the Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report article titled, “Workplace Bullying and the Slippery Slope to Harassment.” The piece explores the pervasiveness of workplace bullying and its consequences for employee well-being and productivity. Hirschfeld noted that not all bullying is illegal, but that its impact is still very serious, ‘‘In most cases, there aren’t legal consequences, but there are consequences in terms of morale, turnover, and productivity.” He added that, while the U.S. does not have a specific ban on workplace bullying, many other countries do have one. Later in the piece, Hirschfeld details how company culture and accepted norms can add fuel to workplace bullying, “‘I have spent a lot of time with clients, many in Silicon Valley, talking about yelling and screaming, humiliating – behavior that should not be tolerated at any company.’’