March 3, 2020

Christine Helwick Quoted on Inside Higher Ed on Coronavirus

Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP’s Christine Helwick was quoted in a March 3, 2020 article on Inside Higher Ed entitled “CDC to Colleges: ‘Consider’ Canceling Exchange Programs.”

The article notes that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance regarding student foreign exchange programs is somewhat ambiguous.

CDC says colleges should “consider” canceling upcoming student foreign exchange programs and asking current program participants to return to their home countries in light of the global outbreak of a new coronavirus.

Christine Helwick said she thinks the word “consider” in the CDC message is really important.

“I read the tenor of the message to be, ‘go slow and be thoughtful,’” she said. “That seems to be entirely appropriate because there are so many unknowns about the virus.”

“There are just so many variables that I appreciated the fact that the CDC was not issuing draconian orders,” Helwick added. “It was more, just, you need to think about what your circumstances are, what your risks are. It does seem to me they are encouraging not sending any new students abroad, and that makes sense, but in terms of bringing home students, I read that word ‘consider’ to give institutions a lot of flexibility but really remind them that they need to be thoughtful. That seems to me about all we can expect of the CDC at this point, and all any of us can do.”

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Christine Helwick is of counsel in Hirschfeld Kraemer’s San Francisco office. She can be reached at, or (415) 835-9008. 

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