July 1, 2015

Steve Hirschfeld Quoted in PBS Article on Workplace Harassment and Assault Prevention


Employment Law Alliance Founder and CEO and Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP Co-Managing Partner Stephen J. Hirschfeld is quoted in the Center for Investigative Reporting article “Seven Solutions That Could Help Stop Rape on the Night Shift” posted to PBS. The piece delves into the issues of workplace sexual harassment and assault, in particular with regard to workplace janitors who often work at times when offices are nearly empty. These positions are frequently staffed by female immigrants, a particularly vulnerable portion of the workforce. The article accompanies the Frontline story “Rape on the Night Shift.”

Hirschfeld notes in the article that companies often misunderstand the burden of proof they are being held to when investigating sexual harassment complaints. He comments, “You are not held to the standard of the courtroom. You are not a lawyer or a judge. You are held to the standard of common sense.”

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