November 10, 2016

Steve Hirschfeld Quoted in Law360 Article on Legal Community’s Reaction to the Election of Donald Trump


Steve Hirschfeld in quoted in an article in Law360 regarding the legal community’s reaction to the election of Donald Trump.

Steve said:

“While this election exposed deep political divisions among management-side labor and employment attorneys, the common denominator — and something folks of all persuasions no doubt will look forward to — is the likelihood the new administration deals a death-blow to the incredibly divisive, ill-conceived ‘Persuader Rules.’ These would have created an uneven playing field for companies faced with organizing campaigns, hampering an employer’s ability to effectively communicate with counsel. In addition to the ‘Persuader Rules,’ the new administration will, hopefully, reign in the National Labor Relations Board which has gone overboard with repeated, unjustified attacks on nearly every personnel policy and practice established by management.”

You can find a link to the article here.