July 30, 2020

Steve Hirschfeld Interviewed on KRON-4 News About COVID Lawsuits and the Workplace

On July 30, 2020, Steve Hirschfeld was interviewed by his sister Darya Folsom, a reporter at KRON-4 News in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In an engaging 6-minute interview, Steve weighed in on questions about COVID lawsuits in the workplace, noting that:

“The workers’ comp system is set up so that [if] an employee catches the virus at work, they are protected in the insurance system.

Proving where it [the virus] came from is nearly impossible. But the governor has ordered that there’s a presumption if you’re working and you get COVID, it’s a workers’ comp situation, and you get protected. So the real issue is that you want to keep your people safe. My clients are obsessively training their employees to do whatever they can, to take whatever measures they can, to keep themselves safe, and their customers.”

Steve Hirschfeld is the managing partner of the San Francisco office of Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP. You can reach him at (415) 855-9011 or sh@hkemploymentlaw.com.