July 16, 2018

Steve Hirschfeld Comments on Kavanaugh’s Nomination to U.S. Supreme Court in National Law Journal article


National Law Journal reporter Erin Mulvaney recently asked Steve Hirschfeld what he thought about Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.

While Kavanaugh’s decisions to date have been pro-employer when it comes to labor & employment litigation, Steve notes, “There’s a myth out there that if you are on the management side, that you are looking for judges who are predisposed for management and business. Our clients just want to know what the rules are and have a good understanding of how a court will apply statutes so that they can act accordingly.” He added that some of the issues that might rise before Kavanaugh, such as misclassification battles in the gig economy, do not necessarily have hard liberal-conservative lines.

Here’s a link to the full NLJ article, which also has links to a roundup of Kavanaugh’s opinions (Law.com subscription required).