August 4, 2017

New Look, Same Trusted Quality


New Look, Same Trusted Quality

Coinciding with our 20th anniversary, HK is excited to announce the launch of our revamped website. Not just the application of a fresh coat of paint, the site was built from-the-ground-up to put resources at your fingertips. It is organized to reflect our core employer services – training, counseling and litigation.

The new aims to extend the client experience we work hard to cultivate, with features such as: a “Resources” section offering a growing library of articles and educational content; a “Presentations and Workshops” section where viewers can sign-up for future seminars; and a seamless integration of our blog. We designed from the outside in, working to create the best possible client experience in terms of aesthetics and navigation.

This is an exciting time for the firm, as we have strategically expanded our services. In addition to core offerings in compliance auditing and counseling, internal investigations, litigation and workplace violence prevention and response, we have worked to build one of the nation’s top higher education law practices. And, through innovative partnerships, we now offer robust in-house immigration and E.U. data compliance capabilities.

Our new website is driven by the same principles that guide HK day-to-day and in its client-focused growth – knowledge, accessibility, directness and simplicity.


Our new homepage features three interconnected dots. In the modern workplace – comprised of people and relationships that are unique, organic and constantly changing – the overlapping nature of the dots illustrates the continuum of client relationships. Through proactive counseling, comprehensive training, detailed audits and internal investigations and results-focused representation in court and regulatory proceedings, we help keep businesses moving forward.

You Know Us

We wanted to get right to the point with our new tagline: We work for employers. This is all we do: it’s what sets us apart. Management-side labor and employment is not a sideline: it’s our sole focus.

Another aim of our new web presence is to share more about our professionals. As such, we redesigned our bio pages to be more interview-like, while integrating related resources such as blog posts and upcoming events. Also, look for the “Trainer” badge, which signifies an attorney that is available to conduct on-site educational programs on a wide variety of labor and employment topics.