June 5, 2015

HK’s Steve Hirschfeld Joins Other Attorneys In Giving His Reaction to the Supreme Court Abercrombie Ruling in LAW360


In the article, Steve says, “The Supreme Court’s decision is not at all surprising to me. For many years now, I have been counseling managers to be mindful of the need to reasonably accommodate religious practices when those practices appear to be open and obvious. As the Supreme Court decision stated, Title VII doesn’t merely demand neutrality with respect to religious practices but instead mandates favorable treatment so long as the practice does not unduly affect the company’s ability to operate its business. Employer groups who see this decision as somehow applying a new set of draconian rules are overreacting. Hiring managers merely need to be educated to understand how to thoughtfully address whether an applicant’s religious practice would unreasonably interfere with that person’s ability to do his or her job.”

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