April 8, 2016

HK Adds EU Data Privacy Services


We are delighted to announce that Dr. Jan Tibor Lelley has joined our firm as EU Data Privacy Counsel. Jan’s vast experience in this area will provide our clients with comprehensive legal advice with respect to all aspects of data privacy issues throughout the European Union.

Employers doing business in the EU are subject to a wide array of data privacy laws. With the addition of Jan, we can now provide our clients with the following critical services:

Understanding how to properly maintain, utilize and access HR and other personnel data when conducting internal investigations, transferring this information outside of the EU and conducting cross border discovery;
Conducting employee monitoring and the (ab)use of social media by employees;
Implementation of appropriate data privacy rules and a data protection compliance program;
Conducting data privacy audits;
Assisting with day-to-day issues that arise when a company needs to access, transfer and/or utilize HR data and other personnel information concerning its European-based employees.

We encourage you to contract Jan directly at jlelley@HKemploymentlaw.com or 415.835.9015 for assistance.