May 24, 2017

Felicia Reid Comments to San Francisco Business Times on CA Supreme Court “Right to Rest” Decision


Felicia Reid is quoted in the San Francisco Business Times article titled, “Employers win flexibility in California Supreme Court ruling on ‘right to rest’ employment law case.” The piece details the Supreme Court of California decision in the matter Mendoza v. Nordstrom. The core question the court was considering was whether the state’s “day of rest” statue, which provides employees one day’s rest in seven days and bars employees from working six-out-of-seven days, prescribed that employees were due rest for each work week, or on a 7-day rolling basis. The court ruled that the standard was each work week, clearing up a concern for the state’s employers and giving them more scheduling flexibility.

Reid commented:

You just have to look at the work week rather than having to bend over backward to fit into this rolling period. This was an instance where the court seems to have the appreciation of the realities of the workplace and what employers are dealing with scheduling their employees.

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