March 7, 2018

ELA survey results released: #MeToo/Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


The Employment Law Alliance (ELA), the world’s largest and most geographically expansive network of labor, employment and immigration attorneys, has just released the results of its February 2018 “#MeToo/Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Survey.”

ELA founder and CEO Steve Hirschfeld noted:

  • The “MeToo movement is an important wake up call to corporate America. Company directors and executives need to understand that this isn’t a fad. These complaints suggest that a significant number of workplaces are simply not safe or respectful towards women. This poll provides a snapshot into today’s workplace, illuminating areas of concern and problems that our management-side lawyers are working hard to prevent and address. We employment lawyers are looking to take a leadership position on helping to foster a workplace environment that treats all employees with dignity and respect.

The poll was sent to the group’s U.S. employment lawyers during February 2018, resulting in 382 responses from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The data includes reflections on the workplace based on the lawyers’ interactions with major employers across the country and in nearly every industry.

Read the full survey results here.